Commissioner's Meeting Update

It is with great pleasure that we are writing to announce that all 3 Clinton County Commissioners chose to KEEP the moratorium in place! Commissioners Steve Woods, Scott Shoemaker, and Josh Uitts each presented logical and rational reasons why Clinton County should not proceed with an industrial wind project at this time. Clinton County presents a much different situation than most communities facing wind development, as we have nearly 4 times the population of Benton County. Furthermore, we are surrounded by three of the fastest growing communities in the state, and a wind project with setbacks from a residence instead of a property line, would effectively kill any future growth. While we are excited for this victory, we are cautious as we know this company likely won’t just go away that easily, and Responsible Harvest of Clinton County, Inc. will continue to stay vigilant.

In conclusion, we would like to thank EVERYONE who took the time to attend the numerous meetings since 2016 and those who took the time to write our commissioners. For our friends, family, and neighbors who supported the project, we understand many of your arguments, and we hope to rebuild the strong ties and relationships that make our community great. We hope to work with you to find ways to support the farmers who have always been the backbone of our rural community.

Finally, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation once again to all three commissioners for choosing to put your constituents ahead of a company that clearly thought they were dealing with a group of uninformed country “folks”. We applaud you for rejecting their use of misleading fear tactics and promises of free money. We trust that you will continue to guide us responsibly.

E.ON's Activities Questioned

In 2013, E.ON Climate & Renewables, a subsidiary of a privately-owned Germany company, began pursuing industrial wind development in Clinton County after our neighbors in Tipton County and Howard County halted their proposed projects. The first four families to sign leases with E.ON in Clinton County were Tipton County residents who owned land in Clinton County.

Since then, after numerous public meetings and polls, our community has overwhelmingly voiced opposition to any wind project. Furthermore, 6 out of the 7 surrounding counties have said no to industrial wind development altogether, including 3 of the fastest-growing counties in Indiana. However, the issue has not gone away, and at least one elected official who has signed agreements with wind companies continues to directly participate in wind-related issues which are tied to the person’s employment and/or function as an elected public servant.

Until recently, the issue had remained quiet, but a financial study conducted in early 2019 and presented to our County Council featured financial projections for Clinton County should we approve a wind project. How these numbers were derived is both troubling and unknown, as the county has been under a wind moratorium since 2017. E.ON’s website for its proposed project states: “The proposed wind energy project from E.ON represents the best option to avoid deficits and higher taxes.” Best option for whom: the company or the residents of Clinton County? Their website also states “All revenue and other projections based on best-available information.” Again, what information was presented to the financial-consulting company in order for it to produce the financial study? Finally, if a wind project was the only alternative source of revenue included in the study, based on figures and estimates unavailable to the public, then yes, of course, it was the “best option” by default.

Recently, E.ON began its latest push based on this financial study, and they have described Clinton County’s financial situation as “grim” and “dire,” with “looming fiscal issues.” Despite this pessimistic rhetoric, our elected officials have somehow managed to keep Clinton County operating without industrial wind money since 1830. In the last year alone, our elected officials have somehow managed to build a new EMS building, to repave large stretches of roadway, and to have recently donated $50,000 towards a new drug rehabilitation facility, all without sacrificing the peace and tranquility of their constituents. Also, the county has recently been relieved of the financial burden of running a hospital, which opens even more room in the budget moving forward.

In an effort to further push the issue, E.ON is set to host an Open House on Thursday, September 12, 2019 at the Clinton County Fairgrounds. The company has promised free food and prizes, and it will have several of the same experts present who have previously testified on its behalf. This same company touts that it “works with the community” and that it “works hard to become part of the communities that host its projects,” yet Tuesday, September 10, a representative from E.ON who was scheduled to be on the WILO Partyline broadcast, failed to appear, even after multiple confirmations. Not only did the representative fail to appear in person, but he apparently couldn’t even call into the previously scheduled broadcast. Does this sound like a company we should bind ourselves to for 30+ years?

With only 111 days left in 2019, it is clear that E.ON is desperately trying to get a project approved before the federal subsidies, specifically the Production Tax Credit (PTC), phases out completely. According to their website, “the clock is ticking,” and we need to act now.” Despite these fear tactics, our commissioners Clinton County Commissioner Joshua Uitts, Scott Shoemaker, and Steve Woods have continued to make our community a better place without sacrificing the health and well-being of their constituents, and we as a community won’t be bullied or rushed into a project for the benefit of a company that couldn’t even take the time to call into a radio broadcast to promote its own event.

Another County Says No to Wind - Tippecanoe County Updating Ordinance to Ban Industrial Wind

County leaders in Tippecanoe county are working to ban large industrial wind farms in the county. See the links to the related articles for more information. Let your county representatives know that we want to follow Tippecanoe, Boone, Tipton, Howard, and Hamilton counties and ban industrial wind farms forever in Clinton County.



Do you know how to contact your County Representatives? Here's how.

Office: 765-659-6309

Scott Shoemaker

Josh Uitts

Steve Woods

Office: 765-659-6330

Clark Beard

Jeff Chynoweth

Alan Dunn
765-249-2335 or 317-506-7457

Ron Gascho

Mark Mitchell
765-659-5107 or 317-625-5535

Mike Hensley

Jake Myers

Take Action!

Request for a moratorium on wind development in Indiana

Representative Tom Saunders (author of House Bill 1597 which did not get a hearing) has not given up on the wind issue. He is trying for a second hearing on more wind legislation. He is also trying for a moratorium (a temporary suspension of wind development in Indiana) until more research can be done regarding harmful effects of industrial wind turbines on citizens' rights, property values, and health.

We should contact our senators and representatives at the state level including:

Representative David Ober 800-382-9841
House Speaker Brian Bosma 800-382-9841
Representative Tom Saunders 800-382-9841
Representative Heath VanNatter 800-382-9841
Representative Don Lehe 800-382-9841
Senator James Buck 800-382-9467
Senator Brandt Hershman 800-382-9467

Let them know that the wind companies are aggressively targeting Indiana counties, and that this development is too hasty with too many risks attached. A moratorium would give legislators more time to look into the difficulties that wind development causes Indiana counties. It allows time to see how the federal level responds to the high level of tax payer subsidies that go toward wind development. It also allows time for counties to develop safer local ordinances to protect their citizens and their county interests. Further, it allows time for citizens to contact their representatives and senators to voice concern about how the wind issue tears the fabric of our communities asunder.

When contacting Representative Tom Saunders, ask him to please include Clinton County in his anti-wind legislation. He said that the state legislators all need to hear from many, many people. He said that if a topic in Indiana is not concerning roads, education, abortion, or gun rights, then it doesn't get much attention in session. Tom Saunders represents Henry, Rush, and Wayne counties and understands the problems that industrial wind turbines cause for residents. He authored HB 1597 because he had listened to his constituents and wants to help them.

If you are a resident of Clinton County:

Please continue to contact the commissioners. Let them know your thoughts and opinions.

Commissioners Office

Scott Shoemaker

Josh uitts

Steve Woods

Clinton County Leaseholder Map

The yellow and green shaded plots are land that has been leased to either E.ON or TradeWind Corporations. The red asterisks are FAA applications for proposed sites of wind turbines. This information is all publicly available. This map was made by the volunteers at Responsible Harvest of Clinton County, Incso that we may have a better understanding of the magnitude of this possible project. Remember to share this information and stay informed through the Responsible Harvest Facebook page.

Below is A list of the Recorded Leaseholders

Current As of March 1st:


Forest Township Lease Holders

Bingaman Family Partnership

Calvert, William

Coleman, Carol

Coleman, Conrad

Coplen Family/Michael Coplen

Davis, Charles and Laura Alice

Davison, James & Connie

Fearnow, Ralph & Pauline

Hamilton, Larry & Judy

Kramer, Thomas & Susan

Johnson, Dustin & Abby

Johnson, Wade

Jordan Family

McFauls, Darin and Myra

McQuinn, Gregory & Rebecca

Miller, Albert & Betty

Mitchell, Jack

Mitchell, Jay (D & D Family –Jay Mitchell, Marsh Dodge, Tracy Dickerson)

Orr, Clint & Marianne

Perrell, Elizabeth (Trust) 

Rayl, Edward & Lori

Rayl, Edward, Mark & John

Rayl, John & Janet

Rayl, Phillip & Anabeth

Robertson, Patricia

Roe, Robert

Schwarzkopf, Farms(Don and Carol)

Smith, Clark & Amy

Smith, Richard & Joan

Strange Family Farms

Strange, Odel 

Stowers, Alan & Sherry

Swem, Mack & Sharon

Walker, Kevin & Jessica (Legacy Acres)

Wyrick, Jay, Opal and James

Wyrick, Thomas & Deanna

Wyrick, Tim & Elizabeth

Zahn, Robert & Cathy and James Stoup


Johnson Township Lease Holders

Alder, Justin

Brothers, Martha Moore

Deason, Greg & Renae, Rose Michelle

Deason, Phyllis Marlene

Edwards, Deborah

Johnson, Dustin

Johnson, Keith & Lynn

Kendall, Donald and Judith

Kendall, Dwayne

Kramer, John and Connie

Ludwig, Stephen & Ann (A & S Land)

McKinney, Thomas and Karen

Mitchell, Doris (Trust) (Jay Mitchell)

Mitchell, Jay (D & D Land: Jay Mitchell, Marsha Dodge and Tracy Dickerson)

Orr, Clint & Marianne

Ristow, David & Barbara

Ristow, James (Ristow Farms)

Rob-Sib LLC ,( Robertson, James Daniel &  Andrew J., Jennifer Rule & Janet McCain)

Robertson, Robert

Rule, Kyle &Cheyenne

Rule, Mark & Jennifer

Smith, Ned & Marcia

Smith, Richard & Joan

Strange Family Farms

Strange, Odel 

Townsend, Charles & Hazel

Townsend, Kevin & Brenda

Townsend, Marcia (Bridgewater) & Lisa Lorenz

Wright, Tim

Wyrick, Richard & Sharon

Wyrick, Thomas & Deanna

Wyrick, Tim & Elizabeth


Sugar Creek Township Lease Holders

Blagburn, Robert & Holly

Butcher, Mark & Sheryl

Butcher, Mary

Butcher, Morris & Betty

Crawford, Brian & Bev

Crawford, Matt & Amy

Crawford, Warren

Dexter, Dan & Kenny, Jane

Frey, Garry & Glenda

Johnson, Matthew

Lewis, Marilyn McDonald/Whicker, Phillip

Lucas, Monte & Rose

McKinney, Mark & Julia

Ploughe, Dale & Arlene

Ristow, David & Barbara

Ristow, James

Ristow, Mark & Lisa

Shortle, George

Wagonner, Marlita Beth

Whicker, Don 

Wimborough, Marilyn


Kirklin Township Lease Holders

Crawford, Warren

Frey, Garry & Glenda

Gladding, Marilyn

Hawley, Jay & Suzanne

Lawler, David& Janet

Lawler, Thomas

Marcum, Janet

Orr, Clint & Marianne

Ristow, David & Barbara

Ristow, Kurt & Kathleen

Ristow, James (Ristow Farms)

Sheets, Mark

Shuck, Phyllis (Michael Cline Trustee)

Stowers, Alan & Sherry

Stowers, Clayton

Stowers, Jared

Stowers, Ora Louise

Stowers, Tim & Karen

Stowers, Thomas

Thorley, Greg & Tracy

Thorley, Robert & Janet


Michigan Township Lease Holders

Blanch, Blair

Blanch, Don & Kathy

Ceres Farms, LLC

Crawford, Brian & Beverly

Lawler, David & Janet

Lawler, Michael & Lisa

Lawler, Thomas

Lawler, Rejeana

Orr, Clint & Marianne

Ristow, James (Ristow Farms)

Smith, Ned & Marcia

Smith, Richard & Joan

Swem, Mack & Sharon

Thompson, James & Amanda

Whitcomb, Tom

Wyrick, Richard & Sharon

Wyrick, Tim & Elizabeth


Warren Township Lease Holders

Beard, Arthur

Beard, Barbara (Trust)

Beard, Clark

Beard, Marilyn ( Kenneth & Linda Brant and Marty Beard)

Beard, Marilyn Limited Partnership

Bell, Michael

Bingaman, Donald

Bingaman Family Ltd Partnership

Caldwell, Pork & Grain

Ceres Farms, LLC

Calvert, William

Cline, Mike & Nancy

Coleman, Conrad

Cox, Terry & Genieveve

Davison, Andrew & Stephanie

Davison, James and Connie

Davison, Joshua & Carrie

Dunten, Dennis & Jennifer Wayt-Dunten

Gray, Gary & Victoria

Johnson Gray Farms

Larson, Greg

Larson, Ron & Cheryl

McQuinn, Gregory & Rebecca

Pate, Diana Lynn

Ticen, James

Schwarzkopf, Donald and Carol

Walker, Kevin & Jessica (Legacy Acres)


Ross Township Lease Holders

McIlrath, Linda & Hiatt, Kelly


Owen Township Lease Holders

Ceres Farms, LLC

Need, James, Nland Farms

Need, Jeff and Lori


Center Township Lease Holders

Ristow, Kurt & Lisa-(Janella Pearcy Trust)


Jackson Township Lease Holders       

Ristow, James


Map Disclaimer-


The placement of FAA proposed turbine sites, E.ON leases and TradeWind leases were determined from records in the Clinton County Recorder's Office and the Federal Aviation Administration. The alterations to this Clinton County Surveyor's land parcel map are solely the work of Responsible Harvest of Clinton County, Inc. The accuracy of this map is limited due to changes in land ownership and possible changes in leases to these and other wind developers.

Note: This list was edited on 03/20/2017 in response to new information and may be updated as new informaiton is recieved.

Recorded Leaseholders in the area of Forest, Owen and Warren Townships

Recorded Leaseholders in the area of Forest, Owen and Warren Townships where 57 construction permits have been submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration on December 16, 2016

Beard, Arthur

Beard, Barbara

Beard, Clark

Beard, Marilyn Limited Partnership

Beard, Marilyn (Beard, Marty and Brant, Kenneth and Linda)

Bell, Michael

Bingaman, Donald

Bingaman Family Ltd. Partnership

Caldwell Pork and Grain

Calvert Farms (William Calvert)

Ceres Farms, LLC

Cline, Mike and Nancy

Coleman, Carol (Trust)

Coleman, Conrad

Cox, Terry and Genieveve

Cox, Terry

Davison, Andrew and Stephanie

Davison, James and Connie

Davison, Joshua and Carrie

Dunten, Dennis and Jennifer (Wayt)

Gray, Gary

Gray, Leon

Johnson Gray Farms

Jordan Family, LLC

Larson, Gregory

Larson, Ron and Sherry

McQuinn, Gregory and Rebecca

McFauls, Darin and Myra

Nland Farms (James Need)

Need, Jeff and Lori

Pate, Diana Lynn

Robertson, Patricia

Schwarzkopf, Donald and Carol

Schwarzkopf Farms

Stowers, Alan and Sherry

Ticen, James

Walker, Kevin and Jessica (Legacy Acres)


All information provided is by public access at the Clinton County Recorder’s Office.

Disclaimer- Responsible Harvest of Clinton County, Inc. and/or any individual associated directly or indirectly with this organization disavow the accuracy of this information and disavow any responsibility for implications derived from this information.

Is There a FAA Permit Application Near You?

This is a Map Key to the map showing where a proposed construction of fifty-seven, 499 feet tall turbines was submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on December 16, 2016. A link to this government website can be found at In order to use the site you will need to type in a latitude and longitude. We recommend using the coordinates for Forest, Indiana which are 40 deg 22 min 25 sec North, 86 deg 19 min 58 sec West. The names of the landowners of the properties on the FAA application were determined from the Clinton County GIS land records and that public information can be found at .  The map of proposed sited wind turbines submitted to the FAA was placed on an Indiana Department of Natural Resources map showing the aquifer types in northern Clinton County. The large red asterisks are locations of proposed wind turbines and the large black numbers next to them correspond to the numbers below.  A copy of this DNR map for the entire county can be found on the Responsible Harvest Facebook page. Responsible Harvest of Clinton County, Inc. and/or any individual associated directly or indirectly with this non-profit organization do not take responsibility for inaccurate information provided by either Clinton County, Indiana and/or the federal government.


Owen Township


1. Leon W & Thelma L Gray Trust

2. Paul E & Barbara A Larson Trust

3. Janet G Archibald & Gordon J Wilson L/E to Williard R & Marilyn L Wilson

4. Sharon K & Richard A Huffer Trust

5. Linda K Beard 

6. Larry McQuern Revocable Trust  

7. Duane & Gilbert Wolf Trust


Warren Township


8. Merium L McQuern Trust

9. Merium L McQuern Trust

10. Janet G Archibald & Gordon J Wilson L/E to Williard R & Marilyn L Wilson

11. Barbara M Beard Trustee

12. Velma J Paris Thompson Revocable Trust

13. Arthur A & Barbara M Beard Trust

14. Arthur A Beard

15. The Crum Revocable Family Trust - Wayne E & Wilma A Crum Trustees

16. Max A Crum Loving Trust

17. Helen R Nolan Trust- The Farmers Bank Trustee

18. Scarff Hahn Farms, LLC- Everett H & Margaret O Scarff

19. James D & Connie J Davison Trust

20. Marilyn J Beard, Limited Partnership

21. Joseph H Townsend, LE

22. Gregory Charles Robinson

23. Charles H Marshall, James D Marshall & Michael T Marshall and Kathryn L Neher

24. Gail Crum Collins

25. Jennifer J Wyatt

26. Janice I Harness, Revocable Trust

27. Barbara M Beard Trust

28. Lyle E Beard

29. Bryan & Shelly Walker, David Mohl- The Farmers Bank Trustee

30. Elaine Whiteman

31. James D & Connie J Davison Trust

32. Steven W Mathews

33. Caldwell Pork & Grain, Inc- Geoffrey Kirk & Marla G Caldwell

34. M & F Family, Limited Partnership- Lewis W & Lois J Morris Family

35. Jane C Eller Revocable Living Trust- Jane & David Eller

36. Larry McQuern Revocable Trust

37. Larry McQuern Revocable Trust

38. Larry McQuern Revocable Trust

39. Hubert E & Belva J Rule Trust

40. Michael L. & Nancy E. Cline

41. Gregory A & Rebecca L McQuinn

42. Calvert Farms, Inc.

43. Donald Eugene & Carol L Schwarzkopf

44. Calvert Farms, Inc.

45. Bingaman Family, Limited Partnership

46. Donald W Bingaman


Forest Township


47. Richard O & Nina M Davis Revocable Trust

48. Richard O & Nina M Davis Revocable Trust

49. Richard O & Nina M Davis Revocable Trust

50. Schwarzkopf Farms, LLC- Donald Eugene & Carol L Schwarzkopf

51. Carol J Coleman & Conrad R Coleman Trust- Conrad R Coleman & Jody A. Padgett

52. M & J Farms, Inc- Mack H & Judith A Trenary

53. Robert L & Judith A Cochran

54. James D & Connie J Davison Trust- James D, Connie J Davison, Andrew L & Stephanie Davison

55. Trenary Grain, Inc- Jack H & Barbara Lee Trenary

56. Susan K Stewart, Davin L Stewart & Larisa S Schreiber

57. Mack H Trenary